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Arrow bow

An arrow is a projectile with an axis that is shot with a bow and arrow. It predates recorded history and is common in most cultures. The arrow is usually composed of a pole body, the front end of which is connected with an arrow, and the other end is provided with a cornice and a no head.

The size of the arrows varies by culture, from 18 inches to 5 feet (45 cm to 150 cm). But most modern arrows range from 75 cm (30 in.) to 96 cm (38 in.); most of the war arrows on the British warships that sank in 1545 were 76 cm (30 in.). Using a very short arrow, shoot through a guide on the archer (bow) (or "Archer") or the archer's wrist (Turkish "sword stick"). They may fly farther with heavier arrows, and enemies without proper equipment may find themselves unable to return them.