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Spear is a kind of rod weapon, which consists of a rod head and a pointed head usually with wood. The head can be simply the sharp end of the shaft itself, just like a spear hardened by fire, or it can be made of more durable materials fixed to the shaft, such as FL, obsidian, iron, steel or bronze. Since ancient times, the most common design for hunting or fighting Spears has been a combination of metal spearheads shaped like triangles, diamonds or leaves. Fishing spearheads usually have barbs or serrated edges.

The word spear comes from ancient English spere, from SPERI of primitive Germany, and from the original Indo European root * sper - "spear, pole". Spears can be divided into two categories: Javelin for close combat and javelin for throwing (usually called javelin).

Throughout human history, spears have been used as both hunting and fishing tools and weapons. Together with axes, knives and clubs, it was one of the earliest and most important tools developed by early humans. As a weapon, it can be held with one or two hands. Until modern times, it was used in almost all conflicts, and until then it continued to exist as a bayonet, perhaps the most commonly used weapon in history.

The manufacture and use of spears are not limited to humans. Chimpanzees also have this custom. Observed Senegal K? Chimpanzees near Dougou make spears by breaking straight limbs off trees, peeling off their bark and branches, and sharpening one end with their teeth. Then they used weapons to chase gallago, who was sleeping in a hole. Orangutans also used spears to fish, probably after observing humans fishing in a similar way.