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Historically, samurai sword is one of the traditional Japanese Swords used by ancient and feudal Japanese samurai. Samurai Dao is characterized by its unique appearance: a curved single blade blade with a round or square protective cover and a long handle that can hold two hands.

The word "Katana" is now used to describe swords that are two feet (606 mm / 23.9 in) long or longer, known as nihont.

Samurai Dao can also be called Dai or Dai? Western sword fans, though timid? Is the common name of any Japanese sword.

Katakana and samurai Dao are both considered acceptable forms in English because Japanese does not have separate plural and singular forms.

Pronounced as [Katana], it is the kun'yomi (Japanese reading material) of Chinese characters, originally meaning Dao or Dao / sabre, which has been used as a loan word in Portuguese. In Portuguese, the name (spelled "CATANA") means "broadsword" or machete.