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Explosives are made of nitroglycerin, adsorbents (such as powdered shells or clays) and stabilizers. It was invented by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and engineer, in Geesthacht and patented in 1867. It is widely used as a safe substitute for gun powder and nitroglycerin.

The explosive was invented by Alfred Nobel. It is the first safe and easy explosive more powerful than black powder. Nobel was in England on May 7, 1867, and in Sweden on October 19, 1867. His invention was patented. After the introduction of explosives, explosives have been widely used as safety substitutes for black powder and nitroglycerin. Nobel strictly controlled patents, and unlicensed copying companies were soon shut down. However, some American businessmen circumvented the patent by using slightly different formulas.

Nobel initially sold explosives as "Nobel explosives", but later decided to change its name to explosives.

Emmanuel Nobel, the father of industrialist, engineer and inventor Alfred Nobel, built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. His construction work inspired him to study new methods of blasting rocks. Later, Immanuel's work on explosives inspired Alfred to make explosives safer and more effective. Today, explosives are mainly used in mining, quarrying, construction and demolition industries. Explosives are still the preferred product for trenching applications and are an economical and efficient alternative to casting boosters. Explosives are sometimes used as initiators or reinforcements for an and ANFO explosives.