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Shot guns (also known as shotguns, or historically birdsong guns) are usually designed to be fired from the shoulder. They use the energy of a fixed shell to shoot many small spherical particles, called bullets, or a solid bullet called a bullet head. The gun has various sizes, ranging from 5.5mm (0.22 inch) to 5cm (2.0 inch) caliber, and has a variety of gun operation mechanisms, including rear loading, single tube, double tube or combined gun, pump function, bolt function and lever function, semi-automatic or even fully automatic type.

The shot gun was originally a shotgun, which meant that there was no rifle inside the barrel, but later there was a shot gun warhead and bullets for the rifle to use. Previous muskets, such as rifles, were widely used by the military in the 18th century. The direct ancestor of shot gun is bullet gun. Its role is varied from self-defense to anti riot. Because its length is usually short and easy to use, it is often used by cavalry, and because of its powerful power, it is also used by coaches. In the 19th century, however, these weapons were largely replaced on the battlefield by recoilled rifles, which were more accurate at longer ranges. The military value of shot gun was rediscovered in the first World War. At that time, the U.S. military used 12 caliber air extraction shot gun to play a huge role in the close combat of trench. Since then, it has played a variety of roles in civil, law enforcement and military applications.

A the projectile fired by the gun is dispersed when it leaves the barrel, and the power of burning charge is distributed among the bullets, which means that the energy of any bullet is quite low. In the hunting environment, this makes shot shotguns mainly used for hunting birds and other small games. However, in a military or law enforcement environment, a large number of bullets make the gun usable as a close combat weapon or defensive weapon. Militants or insurgents may use shotguns in asymmetric engagements because they are common civilian weapons in many countries. The shotgun can also be used for target shooting such as flying saucer, trap and clay movement. These include throwing clay plates called clay pigeons in various ways.