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Time bomb

Time bomb (or time bomb, time bomb) is a kind of bomb whose explosive is triggered by a timer. Time bombs are used (or attempted to be used) for a variety of purposes, including insurance fraud, terrorism, assassination, sabotage and war. They are popular in fictional thrillers and action movies because they provide a way to convey a sense of dramatic urgency.

Explosive charge is the main component of any bomb and constitutes most of its size and weight. It is the destructive element of a bomb (any fragment or fragment that may be produced by blasting with its container or adjacent objects). The explosive was detonated by a detonator.

The timing device of the time bomb can be manufactured independently or professionally as part of the equipment, or can be temporarily manufactured by ordinary household timers (such as clocking alarm clock, watch, digital kitchen timer or laptop). The timer can be programmed to count up or down (usually the latter; the bomb will explode when the time runs out).