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Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles (usually abbreviated as TMNT or ninja turtles) are four fictional anthropomorphic tortoises named after Italian artists in the Renaissance. They have been trained in the field of Ninja by imitating the sense organs of rats. They fight small criminals, evil overlords, mutated creatures and foreign invaders from the sewers of New York City, while trying to hide from society. They were created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

These characters originated from comic books released by mirage studios, and then extended to cartoon series, movies, video games, toys and other general merchandise. At its peak in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the series gained worldwide success and reputation.

Ninja Turtles first appeared in a 1984 American cartoon released by mirage studios in Dover, New Hampshire. The concept comes from a humorous picture that Eastman drew during a brainstorming night and a bad TV show with Laird. Using tax refunds and uncle Eastman's loans, the young artist published a single issue comic book to imitate four of the most popular comic books in the early 1980s: Marvel's "the night devil" and "the new mutator," Dave sheen Cerebus and Frank Miller's ronin. Since 1984, TMNT comic series has been published by many comic companies in various forms.

When Mark Freedman, the authorized agent, sought more extensive sales opportunities for franchises from Eastman and Laird, turtles began to move towards mainstream success. In 1986, dark horse Miniatures produced a set of 15 mm (about 0.6 inch) lead statues. In January 1987, Eastman and Laird visited the offices of playmates toys, a small California toy company that wanted to expand into the action film market. The development work is carried out by a creative team composed of companies and individuals: Jerry Sachs, an advertiser of Sachs Finley agency, gathers animators in Murakami wolf Swenson led by Fred Fred. Wolf and his team combine concepts and ideas with the playmates marketing team, led by Karl Aaron, vice president of sales (Richard Sallis), and vice president of playmates bill Carlson.

Aaron introduced several designers, concept designers and writers John C. Schulte, and designed a simple background story that will run through the toy packaging and be used for the entire product and exhibition. Sachs calls the high concept course "green against brick.". With the cooperation of authors from MWS animation company, the sense of humor has been tempered. Playmates and their teams are essentially co producers and writers of miniseries that were originally launched to sell toy action figures. Phrases such as "hero in half shell" and many ridiculous catchwords and battle slogans ("turtle power!") Writing and conceptualization from this creative team. As the series evolves, veteran writer Jack Mendelsohn serves as story editor and screenwriter. David wise, Michael Charles Hill and Michael reaves wrote most of the scripts.