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Men in black

Man in black is a 1997 American science fiction comedy directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, produced by Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald and written by ED Solomon. Adapted from the comic series "the man in black" created by Lowell Cunningham and sandy Carruthers, the movie stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are two agents of the secret organization "the man in black", who are responsible for supervising the lives on earth and the hidden alien life forms. They come from the existence of ordinary human beings. The film features Rick Baker's biological effects and make-up as well as the visual effects of Industrial Light & Magic.

The film, released by Columbia Pictures on July 2, 1997, grossed more than $90 million worldwide and had a budget of $90 million, making it the third highest grossing film of the year. It has won praise all over the world. Critics highly praise its wit, complex humor, plot, rich theme, action scene, Jones and Smith's performance, director, special effect and Danny Elfman's music score. The film was nominated for three Oscars: best art director, best original score and best make-up.

The film produced two sequels, the man in Black II (2002) and the man in black 3 (2012). A spin off film, "the man in Black: International" (2019); and the 1997-2001 animated series.

After a government agency first contacted aliens in 1961, refugees disguised themselves as adults in the metropolitan area of New York and lived in secret on earth. The man in black is a secret agency that supervises these aliens, protects the earth from interstellar threats, and uses memory erasing neurometers to keep their activities secret. The former identities of the black agents have been removed, and the retirees have been neurotic and given new identities. After agents K and D took action to arrest a foreign criminal named Mikey near the Mexican border, d thought he was too old to work, which prompted K to neuroticize him and find a new partner.

New York Police Officer James Darrell Edwards III brought a super natural agile suspect to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Impressively, K interviewed James, told him what happened to him, then neuroticized him, and gave him an address card. Edwards went to speak and conducted a series of tests, so he found non-traditional solutions, including rational hesitation in targeted tests. Other military candidates were neurotic, and K offered Edwards the position of "man in black.". After Edwards accepted, his identity and civilian life were erased, and he became Agent J respectively.

In northern New York State, an alien illegally crashed on earth and killed a farmer named Edgar, using his skin as a disguise. Edgar's mission was to find a device called galaxy. He went to a restaurant in New York and found two aliens (disguised as adults) who should have the device. He killed them and took a container from them, but he was angry and found only diamonds in it. After learning about the incident in the tabloid, K investigated the crash and concluded that Edgar's skin was occupied by "bedbugs," an aggressive cockroach like alien. He and J's morgue examined the bodies killed by the insects. They found the dying arquillian alien inside a corpse that turned out to be a pilot robot. "To prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion's belt," he said. Aliens use the name Rosenberg, a member of the arquillian royal family. K is worried that his death could lead to war.

The alien of black informant Frank Page (Frank the Pug), disguised as a pug, explained that the missing galaxy was a huge source of energy, packed in a small jewel. J infers that the Milky Way hangs on the collar of Orion, Rosenberg's cat, who refuses to leave the body in the morgue. When J and K arrived, the bugs took over the galaxy and kidnapped the coroner laurel Weaver. At the same time, an arquillian warship fired warning shells in the Arctic and gave a final pass to the man in Black: return to the galaxy within one hour of earth time and within galactic standard week, otherwise they will destroy the earth.

The insects arrived at the observation tower of the New York State Pavilion of the 1964-1965 New York World Expo in Flushing Meadows, which covered up two real flying saucers. When he got there, laurel accidentally dropped the bug and escaped. It activated a flying saucer and tried to leave the earth, but K and j shot it down and it fell into unisphere. The bug peeled off Edgar's skin and swallowed J and K's guns. K stirred it up until it was swallowed. The bug tries to escape on another ship, but j mocks and smashes the cockroach, infuriating it and slowing it down. When k found his gun in his stomach, he blew the bedbug out of it. J and K recovered the galaxy and relaxed. They thought about the whole suffering carefully, just to let the top half of the still alive bedbug jump at them from behind, but laurel killed it with J's gun.

At the black man headquarters, K told J that he was not training him as a partner, but as a replacement. K says goodbye to j before J asks for his neurolization. K returns to civilian life, laurel becomes J's new partner L. The camera zooms back and down to show that the galaxy is made of marble, like Orion around the neck of a cat. An alien.