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Night Fury

Toothless is a 21-year-old male, Night Fury, who appears in the how to train your dragon series. The last known violent night, toothless, is not only a friend of haddock III who fights IC, but also a dragon king in and around the barbarian islands and Berk area. He is the most powerful dragon known, and is known for fighting the war between the Vikings and the dragon and for uniting the two races. He is also responsible for bringing Berk's dragon to the secret world of all the dragon's ancestors, where he will always exist.

How does wrath of the night train your dragon species, a male with no teeth, with only one remaining specimen. Night furies are extremely rare creatures. They are very hidden and smart, and can be very dangerous if someone comes close to them. This dragon is the evil offspring of lightning and death itself, and it is one of the rarest and most powerful existing dragons. It's also a very clever dragon, hiding in the middle of the night as it prepares to infiltrate the victims of the bomb and is a "strike" member. One thing that seems unique about this dragon is that it can shrink its teeth into its gums, making it look toothless. Although it's a smaller dragon, 20 feet in length and 50 feet in wingspan, don't be fooled. This dragon is not allowed to fight. Instead, your only chance is to hide and pray that it won't find you. Night Fu is also the rarest of all dragons. They were hunted to extinction by the terrible Viking warlord grimell grimell. Only toothless remains his last. But "hidden world" may still hide more "night terrors".

Night furies are usually black (though at least one female is white) and small in size. Compared with small corpses, their wings are extra large, which makes these reclusive dragons fly faster, farther and longer than any other kind of dragons. The eyes of night owls are yellow or blue, and the pupils of each student determine the mood of night anger: narrow pupils represent aggression and anxiety of night anger, while larger pupils represent kindness and obedience of night anger. Night furies also has two sets of sharp telescopic teeth. Women lack the spines seen by men like toothless. Like all dragons, night owls fly on their own tails. If their tails are injured or lost, night furies will not be able to fly. Night rage can also rely on the dark sky as a cover when attacking enemies. The wrath of the dark night is the fastest, smartest and rarest known dragon, because toothless may be the last known member of his dragon. It's medium-sized and has a sleek black body. It has a light lighter pattern, similar to a panther across its body.

Night Fury looks like a cross between a panther and a or a gecko. Two pairs of wings are similar to bats in shape. Two movable ear like appendages at the back of the head show its mood and help it hear sound. According to age, there are several other pairs of flaps around its lower jaw. They also have big yellow green, cat like eyes and sharp retractable teeth. Unlike most dragons, night rage has a short neck and no horns. The dragon is about 26 feet long.

In flight, Night Fury's wingspan is unparalleled, about 48 feet long, making it similar to an airplane. This enables it to fly faster, longer and farther than any other kind of dragon. It uses a tail fin on its tail to help control and control, similar to the rudder of an aircraft. However, if one of these fins is missing or destroyed, night fury will not be able to fly, indicating that they are also used for ballast in flight. It can also run from a standing position like a pigeon.

Wrath of the night has another unique ability. The "toothless mode" is only revealed when toothless evolves into the violent night of Titan's wings. After releasing Night Fury's "alpha" mode, its thorns, ridges between eyes, the inside of its mouth and nose emit translucent blue, reminiscent of its blue plasma explosion. When shooting in alpha mode, the translucent blue part of his body will now glow. The toothless shot is probably the most powerful shot he has ever had, and it shines brightly. After shooting, slowly, the halo disappeared.

Night Fury can emit a purple flame composed of acetylene and oxygen. The shock wave is called "plasma shock wave" by IC. The plasma explosion directly explodes in the impact, sometimes due to the interruption of oxygen supply in the air. Night Fury can be fired at different levels of power, such as enough to deflect a wooden shield, enough to destroy an entire catapult tower, or to separate ivory from bewilderbeast. Night furies seems to have the highest shooting limit of any dragon; it can fire at least 21 shots. In alpha mode, the number of shots seems unlimited. These explosions can be fired accurately. Night Fury also has the habit of forming a place to light and sleep. Although the fire is not very strong, it is said that it will be very hot and can light the fireplace, stove and light. Flame and explosion are called plasma because the heat produced by fire is hot enough to ionize the gas produced by the flame. It was also seen that the fire was blue with an electric current. Sometimes, Night Fury's plasma shock wave may be reflected from the rock wall and other surfaces, making the target comatose. When combined with skrill's shock, the explosion was enough to shoot the Dragon down from the sky.

The wrath of the dark night shows a rare ability that no other dragon has; echolocation, which usually emits sound waves that appear purple to navigate in the darkest areas.

The wrath of the night is the fastest known dragon species living on the savage islands. Breaking the sound barrier is even well known. Skrill is the only dragon that can rival Night Fury in speed. Night furies uses its super speed to infiltrate bomb opponents through a series of plasma explosions.

According to the Dragon manual, wrath of the night is considered aggressive, so it can be compared to "the evil offspring of lightning and death itself". Nighttime explosives are often very aggressive in any form of threat found, similar to the way other dragons treat the Burke Vikings. But they are also curious creatures. They try to understand the new things they observe, and they are smart enough to try to reproduce the actions they see. Compared with most other dragons, night terrors have a strong ability of communication and seem to understand human speech: the best evidence is that when the toothless person makes a sound in accordance with the IC sound, the fact that the red death will fly or the command of the IC sound that the toothless person will not kill Astrid and stoke. But they are very loyal and protected. Once connected, it's almost unbreakable.

Night Fuzi is a carnivore. It only eats fish, but not other forms of meat. The wrath of the night uses its teeth as a temporary fishing hook to catch the prey before swallowing it.

Night Fury is very loyal to their drivers, but to a certain extent they become too protective and suspicious of random strangers. When their Knights need them, night furies can "sense," and then nothing can stop it from reaching the desired position. Although night furies doesn't speak, their drivers usually know what they think and feel. French fries are very picky at night, so be careful! Red food flies fast! Even though night furies is one of the loveliest, loveliest, and most loyal dragons on earth, that doesn't stop them from doing well on the battlefield.

Night rage is also very powerful in battle. The toothless can defeat the nightmare huokefang directly in the battle, and then immediately fight with dozens of Vikings, and then obey stoke Haohao, almost killing him, until IC orders him to stop. It also shows that the toothless is strong enough to carry a dragon like a huge nightmare and the best whispering death, and a dragon that gets triple Stryker in battle, which other dragons can't do.

Night furies is the fastest dragon that can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier. They are smooth, streamlined, with reduced drag and lack of angles and spikes. The back of the fins can be separated from the middle, thus increasing mobility as they increase speed and improve the ability to turn. Dragons can't believe it. Because of its black color, it is almost impossible to find it in the night sky, only because of its plasma explosion, it appears briefly during the attack. Only skrill and shadow wing can match Night Fury in speed.

In addition, "night rage" is smart, has impressive endurance, and has excellent sense of hearing, smell and vision. Their jaw pressure is as high as the jaw pressure of 12 great white sharks, and they have good swimming ability, although they will not be drowned. Being able to understand most of the things about it, wrath of the night can also learn to imitate human actions, show emotions and remain open.

The only weakness of Night Fury is that if the tail fins are damaged, they will not be able to fly. They are also susceptible to dragon roots, eel allergies, and may be poisoned by blue oleander peach flowers, as well as being affected by gray nail parasites.