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Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale (also known as chip'n'dale or chip an'dale) are two chipmunk cartoon characters created in 1943 at Walt Disney Studios. Their name is pun, based on the famous 18th century cabinet manufacturer and furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. Bill "tex" Henson, the studio's story artist, made the suggestion.

In both, chip is described as a safe, attentive and logical mind. By contrast, DELL is more relaxed, witty, impulsive and has a strong sense of humor. At first, they look very similar, but to distinguish them, some differences are introduced: chip's nose is very small (similar to his name, a bit like chocolate "chip"), and there are two central convex teeth, Dell's nose is dark red, showing obvious canine teeth. Chip is also described as having smooth hair on his head, while Dale's hair is prone to wrinkling.

In most cartoons, they are antagonists to Pluto, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. They were given their own series in the 1950s, but only three cartoons appeared under their names: chicken in difficulty (1951), two chips and miss (1952) and lonely Chipmunk (1954).

In 1989, chip and dale became the title characters of the new animated TV series "chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers", in which they formed a detective agency and created new characters for the program: gadget hackwrench, the female mouse inventor, Monterey Jack, a muscular Australian mouse, and zipper fly. Although in the original shorts, the two are often troublemakers, they only care about themselves, but in "rescue the homeless", they are criminals, they help the unfortunate.

In this series, the personality difference between the two is more obvious, with chip's responsible, no nonsense leader and Dale's stupid, leisurely spirit of freedom. In addition, they wear this collection of clothes to reflect their personality; chip wears a leather jacket and a fedora hat (much like Indiana Jones), while Dale wears a Hawaiian shirt (much like magnum, P.I.). In addition, Corey Burton gave Dale a little harsh voice, without any incarnation before.