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Superman is a fictional superhero in American comics. The character was created in 1933 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, a high school student living in Cleveland, Ohio. They sold Superman to detective comics in 1938. (dated June 1938) and later appeared in various radio series, newspapers, TV programs, films and video games. With this success, Superman helped create the superhero prototype and established its primacy in American comic books. The character is also known as the "blue giant scout", "Iron Man", "tomorrow star" and "the last son of the".

The origin story of Superman involves that he was born in Kal el on the planet Kal, and then was brought to the earth before the destruction of K star at the moment when his father, Kor el, was born. A Kansas farm couple found and adopted the child, making him a Clark Kent when he grew up, and full of strong moral compass. He began to show all kinds of superhuman abilities at an early age. These abilities decided to benefit human beings through "superhuman" identity when they were mature.

Superman lives and operates in fictional American metropolises. As Clark Kent, he is a reporter for the metropolitan newspaper Daily Planet. Superman's love interest is usually Lois Lane, whose enemy is the super villain Lex Luthor. He is a close ally of Batman and wonder woman, often described as a member of the justice alliance. Like other characters in DC Universe, several alternative versions of Superman have been described over the years.

Superman's appearance is unique and iconic. He is usually dressed in blue with red and yellow markings on his chest, including the shield letter S and a red cape. This shield is used in many media to symbolize a character. Superman is widely regarded as an American cultural icon. He has attracted many scholars, including cultural theorists, commentators and critics, to explore the role and influence of the role in the United States and around the world. The ownership of the role is often controversial, and Siegel and Shuster filed two lawsuits to claim restitution rights. The character has been extensively adapted and portrayed in other forms of media, including movies, TV series and video games. Several actors, including actor Kirk Irene, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Kane, Tom wellin, Brandon Routh, Henry Carville and Taylor hodgling, play superman in films and TV series.