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The minion is one of the many creatures in the despicable me series, which began in the 2010 film of the same name. They are also the official mascots of illumination entertainment, a division of Universal Pictures. After Comcast bought nbcuniversal, they were described as the company logo of Comcast, the parent company of universal / illumination, which is the same as Mickey Mouse of Disney.

The slave is a small, yellow, melodious dancer in overalls and goggles, with one or two eyes. Most of them speak incomprehensible gibberish, which is partly derived from other languages, including Indonesian, French, English, Italian, Spanish and Hindi. Although it sounds absurd, every country pronounces it in English to make it easy to recognize.

In "little yellow man", it is obvious that they have existed since the beginning of life on earth, and the most important thing is to serve the most terrible villains. In the short film "banana", the slave is found to have an uncontrollable desire for fruit, especially bananas. They're the most common names. Kevin, Stewart and Bob are the names of the trio in little yellow, and Mel is the leader of the little yellow in dirty me 3.