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Goofy is an interesting animal cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1932. Goofy is a tall anthropomorphic dog, usually wearing a high collar and vest, with trousers, shoes, white gloves and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora. Goofy is a close friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and one of Disney's most famous characters. He is often described as extremely clumsy and drowsy, but this explanation is not always certain. Sometimes, goofy is intuitive and smart in his unique and eccentric way.

Goofy's debut in animated cartoons began in 1932 with Mickey's revenue, named dippy dawg, bigger than goofy. Later that year, he was re imagined as a young character in the short film the whoopee party, now called goofy. In the 1930s, he was widely used as part of a comedy trio with Mickey and Donald. Since 1939, goofy has acquired a range of shorts that were popular in the 1940s and early 1950s. Twice nominated goofy shorts for the Oscars: how to play football (1944) and Craze (1961). He also starred in short films with Donald, including "polar trappers" (1938), who first appeared without Mickey Mouse. Three more goofy shorts were produced in the 1960s, and since then goofy has only appeared on television and in Disney comics. In 1983, he and Mickey's Christmas Carol returned to dramatic animation. His last theatrical performance was "how to connect a home theater" in 2007. Goofy has also appeared on TV, the most important of which are in "goofy regiment" (1992-1993), "mouse house" (2001-2003) and "Mickey Mouse Club" (2006-2016) Mickey Mouse (TV Series) (2013 to date), Mickey and racing car driver (2017 to date).

The character was originally known as happy dawg, more commonly referred to as "goofy," the name used in his short series. In 1950s cartoons, he usually played a role called George geef or g.g. Alas, the full name of the character is g. g. "Gaofei" Gaoqiao, which probably refers to the name of the 1950s. Goof is still used in many other sources, including animation and comics. In other comics of the 2000s, the full name of the character is sometimes called goofus D. dawg.

Goofy first appeared on the Mickey's revenue, which was released on May 25, 1932. Directed by Wilfred Jackson, the short film was performed by Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Horace marlin and CLARABEL bull. At this point, Mickey's and his gang's animated shorts usually feature song and dance numbers. It began with a typical Mickey cartoon at that time, but compared with the past, it is unique in the emergence of a new character whose behavior is disturbing. Dip dawg is the name of a Disney artist (Frank Webb) and a member of the audience. He often chews peanuts and laughs noisily, which infuriates other audiences until two of them knock him down with mallets (and laugh like him). In addition to its name, the early version of goofy is different from later and more developed versions. He was an old man with a white beard, a puffy tail, no trousers, shorts or underwear. But the video introduces goofy's unique laughter. The laughter was provided by Pinto colvig. Then, much younger dippy dawg appeared in the whoopee party, which was first released on September 17, 1932, when he was a party guest and a friend of Mickey and his gang. Dippy dawg performed four times in 1932 and two more in 1933, but most of them were just reliefs.

In the silly Symphony cartoon "the grasshopper and the ant", the Grasshopper had a superhuman character similar to Gao Fei, and had the same voice as the character of Gao Fei (Pinto colvig).

In his seventh appearance, he was given the new name "goofy" in the first issue of "welfare of orphans" on August 11, 1934, and became a full member of the group together with two other new characters, Donald Duck and Clara Clark.