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Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is a British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, starring Atkinson. Atkinson and Curtis, Robin Driscoll or both wrote all 15 episodes, and Ben Elton co wrote the pilot. From the pilot on January 1, 1990 to ITV, 13 episodes were broadcast until "good night to Mr. Dou" on October 31, 1995. A clip of "Mr. a Dou's favorite" was shown on December 15, 1995. One of the episodes, "Mr. Bean's hair in London", was not shown in Nickelodeon until 2006.

The series is adapted from Atkinson's original developed role during his master's degree at Oxford University. The series follows the achievements of beankin and is described by Atkinson as "the child of an adult man" and solves various problems raised by Atkinson. Daily tasks usually lead to process interruption. Penn rarely talks, and much of the humor in the series comes from his interactions with others and unconventional solutions to situations. The series is influenced by body performers such as Jacques Tati and Comedians in silent films.

In the five years of operation, Mr. Dou has become an important part of British mass culture in the 1990s. The series has attracted a large number of British audiences, including 18.74 million in the 1992 episode of Mr. Bean's troubles. The series won several international awards, including the golden rose. The show has been sold in 245 regions around the world and has inspired animated derivative cartoons, two feature films and performances at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.