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Ice Age

Ice age is a 2002 American computer animation partner comedy film directed by Chris wedge, CO directed by Carlos Saldanha and narrated by Michael J. Wilson. It is the first feature film produced by blue sky studio and released by 20th century fox on March 15, 2002. The movie uses the voices of ray Romano, John legesamo, Dennis Riley and Chris Welch.

The film was made in the ice age. Animals began to migrate south to escape the winter. Once a clumsy man Manny meets SID, a sloth with a big mouth, and they find a human baby, they start to return it. Among them was a saber toothed tiger named Diego, who was ordered by the head of his pack to bring the baby to him for revenge.

The film won most favorable reviews and was nominated for the 75th Academy Award for best animated feature. This was a big success at the box office, with box office revenue of more than 383 million US dollars, starting the franchise of ice age. Next are four sequels, "ice age: the collapse of 2006," ice age: the dawn of dinosaurs in 2009, "ice age: continental drift in 2012," and "ice age 2016: collision course.".