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Predator (also known as Yautja or hish Qu ten) is a fictional alien species characterized by predator science fiction series, which is characterized by its hunting movement for other species. In 1987, it was first introduced as the main opponent of the movie "iron soldier". The biology of "iron soldier" returned in the sequels "iron soldier 2" (1990) and "iron soldier" (2010), the upcoming Shane black works "iron soldier" (2018) and the cross-border franchise company "iron soldier in alien war". (2004) and "iron and blood soldiers in alien Wars: Requiem" (2007).

Predators have become the theme of many novels, video games and comic books. These novels, novels, video games and comic books are all independent and part of the cross-border brand of alien and predator. Although the exact name of the species is not given in the film, the two names of predator Yautja (e-wat-ya) and hish Qu ten are also used in the extended universe, implying the existence of two unique "predator species". Founded by Jim and John Thomas brothers, predators are described as large, intelligent and perceptual humanoids with advanced technology, such as active camouflage, directed energy weapons, and interstellar travel.

Iron warrior's design is attributed to special effects artist Stan Winston. While flying to Japan with alien director James Cameron, Winston, who was hired to design the predator, was working on conceptual art on the plane. Cameron looked at his painting and said, "I've always wanted to see the mandible." Winston then included them in his design. Stan Winston's studio created all the physical effects for "Predator" and "Predator 2," and tights and mechanical facial effects for actor Kevin Peter Hall. The studio was hired after a failed attempt to create a convincing monster, including Jean Claude Van Dam in a very different tights. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended Winston after working on terminator.

The predictor was originally designed with a long neck, dog shaped head and an eye. When the obvious location of the jungle makes it difficult to shoot a complex design, the design is abandoned. The studio initially contracted makeup effects for aliens from Richard Edlund's boss film creation shop. But problems shooting aliens in Mexico led to stan Winston taking responsibility for the makeup effect. According to Steve Johnson, the former boss film company's makeup director, because of McTiernan's impractical design, including a 12 inch extension line, the iron warrior's hind leg bent Satay's leg and the makeup failed. The design is not suitable for jungle areas. After shooting for six weeks in the jungle of Palenque, Mexico, production must be stopped so that Winston can make new "predators.". It took eight months, then resumed shooting for five weeks, until February 1987.