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Running shoes

Sports shoes are the names of shoes designed for sports and sports activities. Their styles and structures are different from formal shoes. Originally mainly used for sports, now it has been worn as casual shoes. They are usually very comfortable and usually have a lot of padding.

Depending on the location and actual type of shoes, the names of sports shoes can also be sports shoes (British English), sand shoes (Australian English), running shoes or runners (Canadian English, Australian English, Hebrew English), sports shoes (American) English, Australian English), sports shoes, sports shoes, tennis shoes, skates, kicking (American) English), takkies (South African English).

They are made of a variety of materials, with soles made of rubber and uppers made of leather or canvas. Sports shoes were originally used for sports, but now they have been used as leisure shoes. They wear it at school because of its versatility and comfort. They were almost silent. Some people can sneak to another person in sneakers. They are suitable for many different types of motion.