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Weightlifting is a strength sport, including the following three biggest attempts: squat, push and pull. As in Olympic weightlifting, it involves athletes trying to lift the largest weight on a barbell equipped with a lifting board. Weightlifting is developed from a sport called "odd weight lifting", which follows the same form of three tests, but uses more kinds of events, similar to the competition for the strong. In the end, odd lifts have been standardized to three at present.

In competition, the lift can be equipped with or without equipment (commonly referred to as "original" lift or "classic" lift in IPF). In this context, equipment refers to supportive tops or squats / overalls or underpants. In some leagues, kneepads are allowed in departments that are equipped but not equipped. In other cases, they can be used with and without equipment. Seat belts, knee sleeves, wrist straps and special footwear can also be used, but are not considered when distinguishing between equipped and unarmed lifts.

The game is held all over the world. Since 1984, weightlifting has been a Paralympic sport (only lying push), under the leadership of IPF, it is also a world games sport. Other federations operating independently of the IPF have also approved local, national and international competitions.

In weight lifting exercises, AIDS are used to increase weight lifting. Comfortable clothing is worn on one or more joints, such as shoulders or hips. The clothing is deformed in the downward part of the push or squat, or falls to the shape of the rod in the hard pull, so as to store the elastic potential energy. In the upper part of each lift, the elastic potential energy is transferred to the barbell as kinetic energy, which helps to complete the lift. Some claim that the support device can prevent injury by compressing and stabilizing the joints of the wearer. For example, the desk top shirt is said to support and protect the shoulders. Critics point out that support devices use more weight, and that the tendency of the device to change the way it moves may compromise safety, for example when the middle bar of the up part of the jacket's pushdown moves toward the head.