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A sled, sleigh, or sleigh is a land vehicle that usually glides on ice or snow. It has a smooth bottom or a separate body and is supported by two or more smooth, relatively narrow longitudinal slideways, similar in principle to snowboarding. This reduces friction and helps to carry heavy loads.

Some are designed to transport passengers or goods on relatively level ground. Others are designed for downhill entertainment, especially in children or in competitions. (compare cross-country skiing with downhill skiers.) The shadow that distinguishes these three terms usually reflects regional differences, depending on historical use and the climate at the time.

In British English, sleigh is a general term, which is more common than sleigh. Sometimes a sled is used synonymously with a sled, but more commonly a specific type of sled without a slide. A sled is a medium to large, usually open top vehicle used to carry passengers or goods, usually pulled by a horse, dog, or reindeer.

In the United States, sleigh is still a common term, but it usually means smaller equipment, usually for entertainment purposes. A sled is a heavier sled used to transport goods or large objects. A vehicle more specifically than in England, which is essentially a cold season alternative to a carriage or van and has a passenger seat. In England, the so-called dog sled is called dog sled only in North America.

In Australia, because of the limited snow, the local people treat sleds and skis equally.

Sleds are especially useful in winter, but if you can help them by oiling their leaves or soaking them in water, you can also pull them on wet fields, muddy roads or even hard ground. To explain why sleds and other objects produce all kinds of friction (from very small to very small friction) on ice, snow, wet snow and dry snow, refer to the relevant chapters in the article on ice and skating. The traditional explanation that the pressure of sled on snow or ice will produce thin water makes the friction of sled moving on ice very small.

All kinds of sleds are pulled by reindeer, horses, Muzi, cattle or dogs.