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Wrestling is a fighting sport, involving grip techniques such as grappling, wrestling and wrestling, joint locking, pin and other grip. The sport can be an entertaining theatrical performance (see professional wrestling competition), or it can be a real competitive competition. Wrestling is a physical competition between two (and sometimes more) competitors or opponents who try to gain and maintain a high position. There are various styles in traditional history and modern style, and the rules are different. Wrestling technology has been integrated into other martial arts and military combat systems.

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of fighting. The origin of wrestling can be traced back to 15000 years, when it was carried out through cave paintings in France. Reliefs from Babylon and Egypt show that wrestlers used most of the fortresses known in today's sport. Literary quotations first appeared in the Old Testament and the ancient Indian Vedas. In genesis, it is said that Jacob, the forefather, fought with God or angels. Wrestling is also mentioned in the Iliad, Homer's account of the Trojan War of the 13th or 12th century BC. Martial arts, including wrestling, are mentioned in the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. In ancient Greece, wrestling played an important role in legends and literature. Wrestling is cruel in many aspects, and it is the key sport of the ancient Olympic Games. Ancient Romans borrowed a lot from Greek wrestling, but eliminated its cruelty.

In the Middle Ages (5th to 15th centuries), wrestling was popular and supported by many royal families, including France, Japan and England.

Early British immigrants brought a strong wrestling tradition to the United States. Settlers also found wrestling popular among American Indians. Amateur wrestling flourished throughout the early days of the North American colonies and was popular in country markets, festival celebrations, and military exercises. In 1888, the first organized national wrestling competition was held in New York City. Since the modern Olympic Games held in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904, wrestling has also been a competition in every modern Olympic Games (demonstrated at the first modern Olympic Games). The United World Wrestling (uww), the international leading body of the sport, was founded in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1912, when it was the International Federation of wrestling styles (FILA). The first NCAA wrestling championship was also held in Ames, Iowa, in 1912. USA wresting, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became the national governing body of American Amateur Wrestling in 1983.