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Football boots

Football boots are called cleats or football shoes in North America. They are a kind of footwear for playing football. The soles, which are designed for grass courts, have studs on the soles to enhance grip. From the simple and modest start, football shoes have gone a long way. Now, they have become the core of the global industry, which needs a lot of research, development, sponsorship and marketing. Modern "boots" are not real boots because they do not cover the ankle - like most other types of professional sneakers, their basic design and appearance have been integrated with sneakers since the 1960s.

According to the type of surface, the type of sports and the position or role of the wearer in the game, you can choose different cutting angles of boots, especially the arrangement of studs. For harder venues, amateur participants can wear sneakers or plastic boots (called "molded soles"); in most sports and postures, this is sufficient, although on turf or wet venues, it is recommended to use screw in studs to increase grip; these can be metal, rubber or plastic. When playing on such a court, some players prefer to use boots with spinners on the non dominant (supporting) feet to provide grip, while rubber or plastic spikes on the dominant (kicking / passing) feet. Provide accuracy. Currently, boot design is based on "standards" of speed, strength, touch or control, and some boots combine these together. However, these specifications have little impact on the actual game ability of players, which is actually a marketing strategy.