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Football is a ball full of air, which is used to play one of the various sports called football. In these games, with some exceptions, the ball is only scored or scored when it enters one of the two designated scoring areas. A football match involves two teams, each trying to move the ball in the opposite direction of the match.

The first ball was made of natural materials, such as an inflated pig bladder, which was then put in a leather case, which led to the appearance of the American common name "pig skin". Modern balls are designed by a team of engineers according to strict specifications, with rubber or plastic bags, usually with plastic caps. Different leagues and competitions use different balls, although they all have one of the following basic shapes:

The precise shape and structure of a football is usually part of the rules and regulations.

The oldest Rugby still in existence is believed to have been made around 1550 and was discovered on the roof of Stirling Castle, Scotland, in 1981. The ball is made of leather (possibly deer) and a pig's bladder. It is between 14-16 cm (5.5-6.3 inches) in diameter and weighs 125 grams (4.4 ounces) and is currently on display at the Smiths gallery and Museum in Stirling.