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World map

A world map is a map of most or all of the surface of the earth. Due to the problem of projection, the world map forms a unique category of map. Maps are bound to distort the way the earth's surface is displayed. These distortions have reached their limits in the world map. The various ways of projecting the earth reflect the various technical and aesthetic goals of the world map.

World maps are also unique to the global knowledge needed to construct them. There was no meaningful map of the world before the Renaissance in Europe, because no culture knew half the coastline of the earth, let alone its interior. Since then, people have accumulated new knowledge of the earth's surface.

World maps usually focus on political or natural features. The political map emphasizes territorial boundaries and human settlements. Physical maps show geographical features, such as mountains, soil types, or land uses. The geological map not only shows the surface, but also shows the characteristics of the underlying rocks, fault lines and underground structures. Chromaticity diagrams use hues and intensities to compare differences between regions, such as demographics or economic statistics.