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Eye shadow

Eye shadow is a cosmetic that spreads under the eyelids and eyes. It is usually used to make the wearer's eyes protrude or look more attractive.

Eye shadow can increase the depth and size of the human eye, replenish the color of the human eye, make the human eye bigger or attract the eye. Eye shadow has many different colors and textures. It is usually made of powder and mica, but can also be found in the form of liquid, pencil, cream or mousse. Like other trends, eye shadow seems to be on the trend.

Civilization in the world mainly uses eye shadow on women and occasionally on men. In western society, even if it is used by men, it is also regarded as a kind of female cosmetics. In Gothic fashion, black or brother's dark eye shadow and other eye makeup are popular among men and women. In India, the eyeliner called Kohl plays an important role in various forms of dance and ceremonies, such as weddings.

Many people only use eye shadow to improve their appearance, but they often use eye shadow in drama and other dramas to create an unforgettable appearance with bright and bold colors. Depending on skin color and experience, eye shadow usually gives off charm and attention. The use of eye shadow attempts to reproduce some natural eye shadows of females due to natural contrast pigmentation on their eyelids. Natural eye shadow ranges from glossy luster to double eyelids, to pink tones and even silver appearance.

Eye shadow can be used in a variety of ways according to the desired appearance and formula. It is usually applied with a finger or brush. Usually, the most important aspect of applying eye shadow and makeup is to blend well. However, you must not forget to add primer to limit the chance of crease in the eye shadow.

In order to remove eye shadow, you can use the commercial eye makeup remover, although abundant washing liquid usually removes all traces of color. Usually, it's easy to remove, and you can use simple water and soap. You can also use baby oil to remove eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Make up wipes can also be used.

Cosmetics are always used as long as someone uses them. The Old Testament (Ezekiel book 23:40) refers to the face painting, which is used in the Egyptian tombs dating back to 10000 BC. Cosmetics have a history of at least 7000 years, and are common in every society. Over the years, many women have used matches to enhance their eye makeup. Many women often sprinkle rice flour to cover up blemishes or freckles on their faces. In Vitoria, eye shadow or eye shadow is very popular. Less is more. The less you wear your eye shadow, the more respect you will receive. The word "cosmetae" was originally used to describe slaves in Rome. Their duty was to bathe men and women with perfume.

Eye shadow has gone through many different stages. For example, in 20s, smoked eyes have become a popular trend. In 30s, people began to add many colors to the eye shadow.

The common ingredients in eye shadow consist of talcum powder. Talcum powder is a mineral that is used as the bulk of the powder. It releases most of the eye shadow and absorbs moisture and makes the color of the eye shadow opaque. Zinc stearate is an added color component that can be used to increase the thickness of the eye shadow itself. Mica is a glossy and luster component added to the eye shadow. Sericite, magnesium stearate, colorant and preservative. The main filler in eye shadow is talcum powder. The liquid binder is usually silicone, while the dry binder is usually magnesium stearate. To produce eye shadow, a balance must be maintained between fillers, dry adhesives and liquid adhesives.