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Plasticine is a brand of modeling clay. It is a kind of putty modeling material made of calcium salt, vaseline and aliphatic acid. This name is a registered trademark of flair leisure products PLC.

Plasticine is widely used in children's games and can also be used as a model making medium for more formal or permanent structures. Due to its non drying properties, it is a popular material choice for freeze frame animation (including several Oscar winning films by Nick Park). Brand clay is sometimes mentioned in British music, such as "plasticine Porter" in "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" by Beatles, oasis songs "little James" and "shaker maker" and placebo songs "plasticine".

Plasticine and similar materials are often used in plasticine. One of its main supporters is Nick Park of Aardman animations, who uses plasticine as a prototype in his four Oscar winning Wallace and Gromit short films grand day (1989), wrong pants (1993), shave (1995). And bread and death (2008), and the feature film curse of the rabbit (2005). This technology is widely known in the United States, is a form of freeze frame animation.

A material similar to plasticine attracts animators because it is easy to use: it has enough plasticity to create a character, enough flexibility to allow the character to move in many ways, and enough density to keep its shape easily when combined with the shape. Conductor armature and will not melt under high temperature lighting in the studio.

Plasticine is used in long jump and triple jump competitions to help officials determine whether athletes are legally jumping. Place a 10 cm wide "indicator board" over the takeoff line and slightly higher. Its edges are chamfered and edged with plasticine. If the player leaves a mark on the plasticine, the jump is considered evidence of a foul and no attempt is made. Use plasticine instead of sand, so you can prepare several boards in advance: if a board has a mark, you can immediately replace it with a smooth board to avoid delaying the game, but in the event of a challenge, keep the marked board. Use a dashboard instead of a wide strip of plasticine, which provides a firm foothold when the athlete steps on it.