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A resume (usually a resume, resume, or resume) is a written overview of a person's experience and other qualifications for a job. Similar to R? sum? In North America. In some countries, a resume is usually the first item that a potential employer encounters about a job seeker, usually used to screen candidates, and often followed by an interview. Applicants may also be required to apply for college courses, scholarships, bursaries, and resumes for bursaries. In the 2010's, some applicants used e-mail, online job sites or career oriented social network services such as LinkedIn to provide employers with electronic versions of their resumes.

In the UK, in most Commonwealth countries and Ireland, resumes are short (usually up to two sides of A4 paper), so only a summary of the job applicant's work experience, education background, education background and some personal information is included. Some parts of Asia require photos of applicants, dates of birth and up-to-date salary information. Resumes are usually tailored to the specific position the applicant is applying for to change the focus of the information. If a resume is important to the job, you can also expand it to include additional pages from the job seeker's publication.

In the United States, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Germany, India and Cuba, CV is a comprehensive document for academic and medical careers that details education, publications and other achievements. A resume contains more detailed information than an arsum, which is a brief summary often used in job applications. However, professionals are usually expected to use a brief resume to highlight their current academic life, rather than their entire history. Resumes are often used in academic applications, and in industry, non-profit organizations, and public sector applications.