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Paper sheet

Paper is a thin material made by pressing together wet cellulose pulp fibers from wood, rags or grass, and then drying them into flexible sheets. It is a versatile material that includes writing, printing, packaging, cleaning, and many industrial and construction processes.

The paper recycling process can use chemical or mechanical pulp. By mixing it with water and applying mechanical action, the hydrogen bond in the paper can be broken and the fiber can be separated again. For the sake of quality, most recycled paper contains a certain proportion of primary fiber. Generally speaking, the quality of deinked pulp is the same or lower than that of the pulp.

Like the long web paper machine, all paper produced by the paper machine is woven paper, that is, the wire mesh used to transport web paper forms a pattern, which has the same density along the paper particles and the whole particles. Suitable rollers can be used later in the machine to simulate the texture finish, watermarks and wire patterns of artificial toilet paper.