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Prison, jail

Prisons, also known as penitentiaries, prisons, prisons (dating, British and Australian English), prisons (US English), detention centers (US English) or remand centers [D] refer to facilities where prisoners are held under duress. It also deprived the state of all kinds of freedoms under its authority. Prison is the most commonly used prison in the criminal justice system: people accused of crimes may be imprisoned until they are tried; those who plead guilty or are convicted in the trial may be sentenced to specific fixed-term imprisonment.

Prisons can also be used as tools of political repression by authoritarian regimes. Those who are considered opponents may be imprisoned for political crimes, usually without trial or other legitimate due process; such use is illegal under most forms of international law on fair justice. During wartime, prisoners of war or detainees may be detained in military prisons or POW camps, and large numbers of civilians may be held in detention facilities.

In American English, prison and prison are usually regarded as having separate definitions. Terms used in prisons or prison management often describe institutions where long-term detainees (for example, many years) are run by the state or federal government. The term prison tends to describe institutions that limit people to a shorter period of time (for example, shorter terms of sentence or pre-trial detention), usually run by local governments. Outside North America, prison and prison have the same meaning.

The common words in prison include: "pokey", "Slammer", "clink", "joint", "calaboose", "hoosegow" and "the big house". Terms of imprisonment in Lang include: "behind the bar", "in the commotion" and "on the river" (possibly quoting sing).