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Microsoft Windows (or windows for short) is a family of graphic operating systems developed, sold and sold by Microsoft. It consists of several operating system families, each of which uses an OS that is usually associated with an IBM PC compatible architecture to meet specific areas of the computing industry. The active windows family includes Windows NT, Windows Embedded, and windows phone. These may include subfamilies such as Windows Embedded compact (Windows CE) or windows server. The failed windows family includes Windows 9x; windows 10 mobile is an active product, independent of the failed Windows Mobile family.

Microsoft launched an operating environment called windows on November 20, 1985, as the shell of MS-DOS graphical operating system, to respond to the growing interest in graphical user interface (GUI). Microsoft Windows has occupied the global PC market with more than 90% market share, surpassing the Mac OS launched in 1984. Apple began to see windows as an unfair violation of GUI development innovations implemented on its products. Lisa and Macintosh, for example, eventually won Microsoft's support in a court settlement in 1993. On a PC, windows is still the most popular operating system. However, in 2014, Microsoft admitted that it lost most of the market share of the entire operating system market due to the significant growth in Android smartphone sales. In 2014, the number of windows devices sold was less than 25% of Android devices sold. However, this comparison may not be completely relevant, because the two operating systems are usually targeted at different platforms.

As of September 2016, the latest version of windows for PCs, tablets, smartphones and embedded devices was windows 10. The latest version for server computers is windows server2016. Run a dedicated version of windows on the Xbox one console.