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Twitch is a real-time streaming video platform owned by twitch interactive, an Amazon subsidiary. The website was used as a general interest streaming platform in June 2011 Part of the launch focuses on live video games. In addition to the creative content, "real life" live broadcast, it also includes the broadcast of E-sports games, as well as the latest music broadcast. You can view the content on the website in real time or through video on demand.

Twitch's popularity eclipses its general interest rivals. In October 2013, the site had 45 million independent visitors: 38 by February 2014, the site was seen as the fourth largest source of peak Internet traffic in the United States. At the same time, Our parent company changed its name to twitch interactive to show a change of focus Closed in August 2014. That month, the service was acquired by Amazon for $970 million. Therefore, the collaboration with Amazon Prime, a company subscription service, is introduced. Twitch later acquired curve, an online video game community operator, and introduced ways to buy games through streaming links and programs that allow streaming media to earn commissions from the sale of games it plays.

By 2015, twitch had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million viewers per month. As of the third quarter of 2017, twitch is still a leader in real-time streaming video services for video games in the United States and has advantages over YouTube games. As of May 2018, it has 2.2 million broadcasters per month, 15 million active users per day, and an average of about 1 million concurrent users.

When Justin Kan and Emmett shear started in 2007 The site is divided into content categories. Game categories are growing particularly fast and are becoming the most popular content on the site. June 2011: 40 the company decided to Split game content, i.e 。 It was officially launched in the public beta on June 6, 2011. Since then, twitch has attracted more than 35 million unique visitors a month. Twitch had about 80 employees in June 2013 and increased to 100 by December 2013. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Financial District.

Twitch is supported by a large investment in venture capital, which was $15 million in 2012 (initially Raised $7 million), compared with $20 million in 2013. In the previous three rounds of financing, investors at the end of 2013 included Draper associates, Bessemer venture partners and thrivecapital. : 40 in addition to a large number of venture capital, the company is also considered profitable in 2013. :40

In particular, since its direct competitor closed in early 2013, twitch has largely become the most popular E-sports streaming service, leading some to conclude that the site "almost monopolizes the market.". Competing video services such as youtube and DailyMotion are starting to raise the profile of their game content in the competition, but so far the impact has been much smaller. By the middle of 2013, the number of viewers on twitch had exceeded 43 million per month, with an average of one and a half hours. [21] as of February 2014, twitch was the fourth largest source of Internet traffic during peak hours in the United States, after Netflix, Google and apple. During peak hours, twitch accounts for 1.8% of total Internet traffic in the United States.

In the second half of 2013, especially due to the increase of audience rating and the use of the old Adobe Flash Plug-in to show video to desktop users, twitch encountered a time lag problem, mainly in Europe. Twitch then added new servers in the region. Also in order to solve these problems, twitch has implemented a new video system, which shows that it is more effective than the previous system. At first, the new video system was criticized by users because it caused a lot of stream delay, which interfered with the interaction between radio and television and the audience. Twitch's staff said the increase in latency could be temporary, at a time when it was an acceptable trade-off for buffer reduction