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Periscope is a real-time video streaming application developed by kayvon beykpour and Joe Bernstein for Android and IOS, and was acquired by twitter in 2015.

Periscope's services are available on the mobile application itself as well as on twitter. Users of periscope can choose whether to make the video public or watch it only for certain users (such as their friends or family members).

Although the collimator usually uses only handheld devices such as smart phones for broadcasting, it can also broadcast through periscope using a professional visual hybrid kit such as wirecast or teradek and periscope pro.

Periscope allows viewers to express appreciation to broadcasters by clicking on the "heart" on the mobile screen. The maximum number of users a user can focus on is 8000.

Both the scope viewer and the scope viewer can block the viewer. When blocked by a scope program, the user is added to the block list and booted from the scope. If there are enough scopers to block users, block them from the scope. If they receive more than four blocks from four different scopes, users will be limited by shadows.

On September 8, 2015, techcrunch reported and subsequently confirmed that periscope is developing Apple TV applications. On September 10, 2015, periscope added the function of real-time playback in horizontal view.