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Tour de France

The tour de France is an annual men's multi-level cycling competition, mainly held in France, and occasionally passing by nearby countries. Like other big tour groups (Italy roundabout and Spain's welta), it includes a 21 day phase in its 23 day journey. It is described as "the most famous and difficult cycling race in the world".

The competition, which was first held in 1903, aims to increase the sales of l'auto, a newspaper, and is currently run by Amaury sports. The competition has been held annually since the first edition in 1903, but both world wars have ceased. With the increase of the reputation and popularity of the tour, the competition has been extended and its influence has begun to spread all over the world. Drivers from all over the world start racing every year, starting with the first French. The tour is a UCI World Tour event, which means that most of the teams participating in the competition are UCI world teams, except those invited by the organizers. It has become "the biggest annual sports event in the world". The women's Tour de France was held in different names between 1984 and 2009. Since 2014, the La course sports meeting of France Tour de France has been held for women for one to two days in men's competitions.

Traditionally, the competition is mainly held in July. Although the route changes every year, the form of the competition and the appearance of the time trial, the mountain ranges across the Pyrenees and Alps and the end of the Champs Elysees in Paris remain unchanged. The modern version of the tour de France includes a 21 day period (phase) in a 23 day period, covering about 3500 kilometers (2200 miles). The game alternates between the clockwise and counterclockwise circuits in France.

There are usually 20 to 22 teams, each with eight drivers. All phases are scheduled. The riders' time is mixed with their previous playing time. The driver with the least cumulative finish time is the leader of the race, wearing a yellow jersey. The general category attracts the most attention, and there are other tournaments on the tour: the score category of sprinters, the mountain category of climbers, the young rider category of athletes under the age of 26, and the top three finishers based on each team at each stage. Winning a periodic victory can also bring prestige, usually by a team of cycling sprinters or riders in a breakthrough race.