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Red star

Pentagonal Red Star (?) It is an important symbol often associated with communist ideology, especially when used in combination with a hammer and sickle. It has been widely used in logos, State emblems, monuments, decorations and logos.

The pentagonal red star has been a symbol of communism since about 1917. One explanation is that these five points represent the five fingers of workers' hands and five continents. The little-known suggestion is that the five points on the stars are designed to represent the five social groups that will lead Russia to Communism: youth, the army, industrial workers, agricultural workers or farmers, and intellectuals.

Under the rule of the Communist Party, the red star, together with the hammer and sickle, became one of the symbols, symbols and signals representing the Soviet Union. In the Soviet heraldry, the red star symbolizes the Red Army and military service, while the hammer and sickle symbolize peaceful labor.

Different countries all over Europe have different ways to deal with this symbol: some countries prohibit the use of this symbol by law, claiming that it represents "totalitarian ideology", but other countries hold a very positive view on this, believing that it is anti fascism and resistance to Nazi occupation.