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Uber Technologies Inc. (operating as Uber) is a point-to-point sharing, taxi, food distribution and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California, which operates in 785 metropolitan areas around the world. Its platform is accessible through its website and mobile applications. Uber has been playing an important role in the sharing economy, so the industry change caused by it is called Uber. Uber's use of greyball has also been the subject of protests and legal proceedings, as well as criminal investigations. The name "Uber" refers to a reference to the universal (some spoken) word "Uber", which means "highest" or "super". It originates from the German word? BER, synonymous with "over", means "above"

Drivers will get a quote and they will pay for the ride before they ask for it. Uber uses a dynamic pricing model; prices vary based on the expected time and distance, the time of the day, and the supply-demand relationship for a ride when a ride is requested. At the end of the ride, payments will be made based on the rider's pre selected preferences, which can be credit card, Google pay, apple pay, cash, Airtel mobile wallet or unified payments interface in India. At the end of the ride, in the United States, riders can choose to tip their drivers, which is also included in the payment method of riders. Travel from urban areas to remote areas can actually only be one-way (unless turnaround times are short and the driver agrees). There will be a waiting charge in two minutes.

In some markets where vehicle rental arrangements can be provided, the only requirement for Uber driving is to pass a background check, in addition to the appropriate age, health status, age and type of vehicle and driving ability. Smartphones or tablets and vehicles can be rented. In many cities, the vehicles used by Uber drivers must pass the annual safety inspection, and the Uber logo must be pasted on the passenger windows.

The driver must have a smartphone. Although Uber drivers can rent a car to drive with Uber, they use their own cars.

Legislation in some cities, such as San Francisco, requires that individuals driving to Uber also have a business license in the city where they are driving.

Uber drivers are seen as independent contractors, not employees, despite disputes in some jurisdictions.

A mechanism called "real-time ID check" requires some drivers to take occasional self photographs before accepting a ride request to verify identity and prevent damage to the driver's account.