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Need for Speed

NFS is a series of racing video games released by Electronic Arts and developed by ghost games. The series revolves around illegal street racing. In general tasks, players need to complete all kinds of competitions and escape the pursuit of local law enforcement. In 1994, the series released its first game name, which is "the best flying car". The latest game "the best car: high return" was released on November 10, 2017.

The series has been overseen and has been developed over the years by several well-known teams, including EA black box and burnout developer criterion games. The series of games has been well received and is one of the most successful video game series ever, selling more than 150 million games. Thanks to its strong sales, the franchise has been extended to other forms of media, including film adaptations and licensed "Hot Wheels" toys.

Almost all of the Games in the NFS series use the same basic rules and similar mechanisms: the player controls the car in various races with the goal of winning the race. In Championship / professional mode, players must win a series of races to unlock the vehicle and track. Before each race, the player selects the vehicle and can choose the automatic or manual gearbox. All of the Games in this series have some form of multiplayer mode, which allows players to compete with each other through split screen, LAN or Internet. Since "the best car: the highest risk", the series also integrates body customization into game play.

Although these games use the same name, their tone and emphasis may vary widely. For example, in some games, the car will be damaged mechanically and visually, while in other games, the car will not be damaged at all; in some games, the software simulates real car behavior (Physics), while in other games, the software has more tolerance for physics.

With the release of "best car: underground", the series has transformed from a scenic point-to-point race track to an import / refit subculture involving urban street racing. So far, this theme is still common in most of the following games.

Top racing: shift and its sequel use a simulated racing approach, including closed circuit racing on real tracks such as Nurburgring and lagunaseca, and fictional Street tracks in cities such as London and Chicago. In addition to special racing cars, the team's list includes exotic sports cars and tuners.

Most games in the franchise involve some form of police pursuit. In some games featuring police pursuit (e.g. best car III: hot pursuit), players can play felons or police officers. The concept of drift and drag is introduced in "the best car: underground". In addition to regular street competitions, these new mechanisms are also included in the championship / professional model. Drift competition, in games like "the best car: underground" and "the best car" (2015), players must accumulate the most points to beat other drivers, which is obtained by the length and timing of the player's vehicle drift. [5] In a race, players have to finish before they can win, although if they hit an obstacle or a wall, the race will end. In the latest "the best car: return", players must win a certain number of points to win; increase multipliers according to the points obtained, and pass a limited number of checkpoints.