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Warcraft is Blizzard Entertainment's franchise for creating video games, novels and other media. The series consists of five core Games: Warcraft: orcs and humans, Warcraft II: the tide of darkness, Warcraft III: chaos rule, world of Warcraft and the legend of furnace stone. The first three of these core games belong to the real-time strategy type. In this type of game, the enemy players command the virtual army to fight against each other or the enemies controlled by computers. The fourth and best-selling franchise game is MMORPG, where players can control their roles and interact with each other in the virtual world. The latest game name is "Legend of furnace stone", a kind of digital collection card game.

In these games, there is no expansion set of Warcraft: orcs and humans released, but Warcraft II is accompanied by the release of Warcraft II: beyond the door of darkness, while Warcraft III is accompanied by the release of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. World of Warcraft also offers a number of expansion packages, including: burning expeditions, wrath of the Lich King, cataclysm, the fog of pandaria, warlords of Draenor, legions and the battle of Azeroth.

All the Games in the series are set in and around Azeroth world, which is a fantasy scene. At first, the series focused on the human race that made up the eastern Kingdom, and the orc tribe that reached Azeroth through the dark portal, and started the great war. Orcs come from another world, called Draenor. In Warcraft II, the world will be shattered by demonic spells and later called Outland. Later in the series, the world of Azeroth expanded to reveal the new world of Kalimdor, Northrend, pandaria and the broken islands, bringing the night elves, Tauren and other major races into the universe. Azeroth world also contains the traditional fantasy scene races of elves, dwarfs, dwarfs, orcs and trolls.

The series also spawned several books and other media covering various roles and schedules in world of Warcraft. A collectable solitaire game has also been released, which provides access to world of Warcraft limited game content access codes for those who have purchased supplementary packages. Many comics are also published with the book, further covering part of the cosmic story. There was also a short-term, online only subscription to the magazine, but later only five issues were released and it stopped. The film adaptation was released in 2016.