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Escape from Tarkov

Escape from takov is the first person shooting game developed by the Russian studio battlestate games. The closed alpha version of the game was first opened to some users on December 28, 2016.

The place of escape from tarkov is located in the fictional norvinck area in the northwest of Russia, surrounding the "special economic zone", which used to be the gateway between Russia and Europe. But it has attracted companies with dubious intentions, and the city of tulkov has become the center of a major political scandal involving corrupt companies in the norvinck region. Six months later, the situation erupted into armed conflict involving Russian internal forces, UN peacekeepers and two private military companies: USEC and bear. The borders of the norvinck area are sealed off, and the borders trapped in the middle of the local war are isolated from the outside world. USEC was hired by Terra group, one of the corrupt companies involved in the scandal, to stop investigations during the conflict, while bear was hired by the Russian government to find evidence of Terra group.

The player's nominal goal is to escape tarkov by working for one of the private military companies.

The closed beta started on July 28, 2017. Previous alpha testers immediately gained access, and after the first few days, all pre orders received beta level access for a week.

At present, the game is still in the closed test stage, but after buying the game, players can get "guaranteed instant access to the closed test version", rather than twists and turns.