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Mordhau is a medieval multi player hack'n slash video game developed by triternion, an independent studio in Slovenia, highlighting the skills based competitive games and customization. It has a combat system that is loosely based on historical techniques such as pretending, redirecting, and weapon substitution to emphasize human to human combat. Other features include ranged weapons, siege engines, and fixed combat. The game was released on steam on April 29, 2019.

The game raised part of the money through KickStarter in 2017, raising nearly $300000.

The game is built using Unreal Engine 4.

Marko grgurovi ć, a student of the Slovenian doctorate in computer science from primorska University, started developing mordhau on his own. Later, another Slovenian developer and an international team of eight other programmers, graphic designers and animators joined him to create triternion and produce the first version. In March 2017, the company launched KickStarter activity to raise funds for development, which achieved its basic goal in less than 24 hours. The game was finally released on April 29, 2019.

Mordhau achieved immediate success, selling 200000 copies in less than a week, and then more than 500000 copies on May 7. It reached the top of the steam sales leaderboard. Triternion apologized after its servers couldn't handle the influx of players.

Early critics praised combat systems, chaotic but fun gameplay and graphics.