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Stones and rocks

A stone is a rock. It is a hard compacted mineral. The term "stone" also refers to natural rock, especially building materials. Natural stone materials used as building materials include granite, marble and sandstone. Man made man-made products (such as concrete or clay bricks) are not stones.

It takes a while for the stone to get hot, and it will stay for a while. Poor conductivity

Stone is one of the earliest materials used to make tools and buildings. It's a very strong material. It is less affected by the weather than wood or brick. Depending on the type of rock, the rate of stone weathering is much slower. The rocks in the river are reshaped by the surrounding water and sediment.

Stones can be used as primitive weapons. People can throw it at enemies or animals, or use it to cause more hand to hand combat.

Stone is bigger than sand, gravel or pebble. A boulder is a big stone.

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