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Conch is a common name for many different medium to large shells. The term is usually applied to large snails, whose shells have a high spire and a distinct siphon (in other words, the shells reach a prominent position at both ends).

In North America, the conch is generally considered the Queen's conch, found off the coast of Florida. The Queen's conch is considered a bait, also known as seafood.

Sometimes called "real conch", the conch group is a marine gastropod mollusk of STROMBIDAE family, especially in Strombus and other closely related genera. See, for example, Queen's lobatus gigas and dog's laevistrombus Canarium.

Many other species are also often referred to as "conch", but they have no close relationship with the family longridae, including the me family and the horse conch triplofusus giganteus family. The species commonly known as conch also include the sacred Shaq or, more precisely, the turbonella pyrum and other turbonella species in the turbonellidae family.