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Sea buckthorn

Hippophae rhamnoides is a species of Hippophae, which is a deciduous shrub of Hippophae family. To avoid confusion with seabuckthorn (Rhamnus, Rhamnaceae family), you can use the hyphen of the name Seabuckthorn. It is also known as seabuckthorn, golden yellow or sea berry.

Shrubs can be as high as 0.5 – 6 meters (1.6 – 19.7 feet) and rarely as high as 10 meters (33 feet) in Central Asia. The arrangement of blades can be alternating or opposite.

The branches of common Seabuckthorn are dense and stiff, which is very difficult. The leaves are decidedly light silvery green, lanceolate, 3-8 cm (1.2-3.1 in) long and less than 7 mm (0.28 in) wide. Dioecious, dioecious. The male produces brownish flowers that produce wind - distributed pollen. Female plants produce orange berries 6 – 9 mm (0.24 – 0.35 in) in diameter, which are soft, juicy and rich in oil. Roots distribute rapidly and widely, providing non legume nitrogen fixation in the surrounding soil.

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