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A droplet is a small column of liquid completely or almost completely surrounded by a free surface. When liquid accumulates at the lower end of the tube or other surface boundaries, it may form droplets, resulting in a suspended droplet called a suspended droplet. Droplets can also be formed by condensation of vapor or atomization of a larger mass of liquid.

One drop is equal to 50 mm ^ 3, then 1 cm3 = 20 drops

The liquid forms droplets because of the surface tension of the liquid.

A simple way to form a droplet is to allow the liquid to flow out slowly from the lower end of a small diameter vertical tube. The surface tension of the liquid causes the liquid to hang down from the pipe, forming a suspension. When the droplet is larger than a certain size, it will no longer be stable and will separate itself. The falling liquid is also a drop held together by surface tension.

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