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Cherry blossom is any of several plum trees, especially Prunus serrulata (Prunus serrulata), which is called cherry blossom after Japanese.

At present, it is widely distributed, especially in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, including Japan, Nepal, Taiwan, South Korea, China, western Siberia, India, Iran and Afghanistan. Cherry and chrysanthemum are regarded as the national flowers of Japan.

Many varieties that have been planted for ornamental purposes do not produce fruit. The edible cherries usually come from the varieties of cherry plum and cherry plum.

In Japan, cherry blossom symbolizes cloud because of its collective blooming nature. In addition to being a lasting metaphor for the transience of life, it is an aspect of Japanese cultural tradition, usually related to the influence of Buddhism and embodied in the concept of Buddhism. Mono doesn't know. The connection between cherry blossom and monotonous unconsciousness can be traced back to the 18th century scholar Motoori Norinaga. The transience, exquisite beauty and mutability of flowers are often associated with death, grace, and acceptance of destiny and karma. As a result, cherry blossom has a strong symbolic significance, which is often used in Japanese art, comics, animation and movies, as well as in musical performances for environmental effects. There is at least one pop song, originally played for bamboo flute, named "Sakura", and several pop songs. Among all consumer goods in Japan, there are also such flowers, including kimonos, stationery and tableware.