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Walking stick

Walking stick is a kind of equipment used to promote walking for fashion or defense purposes.

Canes come in many shapes and sizes that collectors can look for. Disabled people can use some crutches as crutches. Historically, walking sticks have also been used as defensive or offensive weapons, and can hide knives or swords as if they were in swords.

Hikers use crutches (also known as mountaineers, pilgrims' sticks, hikers' sticks, or hikers' sticks) for a variety of purposes: clearing spider webs, or covering trails with thick bushes or grass; as a support for uphill or as a brake for downhill; as a balance point for crossing streams, swamps, or other terrain of the terrain; feeling obstacles in the path; testing the depth of mud and puddles To increase the pace and as a defense against wildlife. This kind of walking stick started from the origin of Alps, also known as Alps climbing stick. The cane is equipped with a steel point and a hook or pick at the top. Crutches can be built temporarily from nearby logs. More magnificent sticks have been made for zealous hikers, often decorated with trinkets or commemorative medallions engraved with "conquered" territory. Wooden Walking sticks are used for outdoor sports, healthy upper body sports, even clubs, departments and family memorials. They can be made individually from many woods and can be personalized to the owner in a variety of ways.

The collector of crutches is known as the Arabian.