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A multi-functional tool (or multi-functional tool) is a manual tool that combines multiple individual functions in one unit. The smallest is a credit card or key sized unit designed to fit in a wallet or key ring, while the other units are designed to fit in a pants pocket or belt pouch.

The idea of combining multiple tools into a single unit is very old, at least dating back to the middle Roman era. Many of them are used in diet.

The Swiss Army knife, supplied by manufacturers Victorinox and Wenger, is the first contemporary example. The actual versions available to the Swiss Army include blades, reamers, bottle openers - Screwdrivers - wire strippers and can openers - SCREWDRIVERS. In addition to Vickers and Wenger, many other manufacturers now produce similar knives.

Other versions may include nail files, tweezers, folding scissors, toothpicks, magnifiers, screwdriver heads, etc. There are also versions with special tools for specific sports or outdoor activities such as golf, horseback riding, hunting or fishing. Versions for cyclists may have options for Allen wrenches, wrenches, screwdrivers, spoke keys, and chain breakers.

In 1983, Tim Leatherman sold his first "pocket survival tool", which was bigger and stronger than the tool based on pocket knife, and combined a set of pointed nose pliers in the benchmarking mechanism. It's too big for most pockets. It comes with a belt pocket.

Other multi-functional tools include hammers, level gauges, camera tripods, LED lights, lighters, tape measures and various screwdrivers.

Multifunctional tools may be dedicated to certain activities. Cyclists can carry folding tools with multiple screwdriver heads or wrenches to allow adjustment of bicycle fasteners during cycling, or repair of broken chains. For sports fishermen, special multi-functional tools can be combined with common functions, such as cutting fishing lines, pressing heavy objects, removing hooks or opening rings. In the field use, special multi-functional tools can be used to adjust, clean or repair guns. The advantage of a multi-functional tool is that it saves weight and space compared to a single set of tools that perform the same function.