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Measure tape

A tape measure or tape measure is a flexible scale used to measure distance.

It consists of cloth tape, plastic, glass fiber or metal strip with linear measurement mark. It is a common measurement tool. It is designed to easily carry a long dimension in a pocket or toolbox and to allow measurement at bends or corners. Nowadays, it is ubiquitous, even in the form of micro key chain, also known as novel items. Surveyors use tapes over 100 m (300 + ft) in length.

There are two basic types of tape with package, spring return pocket tape and long tape. The spring return pocket tape can usually be placed in the pocket. They are small and have a maximum shell width of about three inches. The belt is returned to the housing by a spring mechanism. The pocket tape measures from 1 foot to 15 feet,? To? Inches. When most people think of tape, they think of pocket tape.

The second type of tape design is the so-called long tape. These are boxed tape measures, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 or even 500 feet long, designed for engineers and builders. Because measurements are usually made in rods, surveyors use 33 feet (2 rods) and 66 feet (4 rods) of long tape. Has the surveyor used 49? A 50 foot tape can hold three rods, while a 100 foot tape can measure 99 feet and hold six rods. Usually, the long belt is put back by hand crank instead of by spring.

Tape is usually designed for a specific purpose or industry. Tapes can have different scales, be made of different materials, and have different lengths, depending on their use. The tape measure to be used by a tailor or tailor is made of soft cloth or plastic. They are called "sewing belts". These types of tapes are mainly used to measure the waist line of objects. Nowadays, tape for sewing is made of fiberglass, which is not easy to tear or stretch. Tapes specially designed for carpentry or architecture usually use hard and curved metal tape, which can be kept firm and straight after being extended, but can be reduced into rolls for convenient storage. The end of the tape measure will have a floating handle or hook to help with the measurement. The shank is attached to the tape by a loose rivet through an oval hole and can be moved a distance equal to its thickness to provide accurate internal and external measurements. A tape measure of 25 or even 100 feet can be wound into a relatively small container. The self marking tape allows the user to make accurate single hand measurement.