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The emergency exit in the structure is a special exit in case of emergency, such as fire: the combination of conventional exit and special exit can speed up the evacuation speed, but if the route of conventional exit is blocked by fire, it also provides another option.

The conditions of the emergency exit are as follows: it must be located in an accessible position, the exit must have an area or position that can bring people to in any emergency, it must be controlled in the building by the interior, it must be well managed and regularly maintained, and it must be located in a permanent position.

It is usually located on an open door in a strategic location (such as a stairwell, corridor or other possible place), with bumpers and exit signs leading to it. The name is often used as a reference for them, but a fire escape can also be a major access that must be able to be unlocked from inside the room. The escape way is a special emergency exit, which is installed outside the building.