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Sharing is a joint use of resources or spaces. In a narrow sense, it refers to the common use or alternative use of inherent limited commodities, such as common pastures or shared dwellings. This is also a process of division and distribution. In addition to the obvious examples that can be observed in human activities, we can also find many examples that occur in nature. For example, when an organism absorbs nutrients or oxygen, its internal organs are designed to distribute and distribute the absorbed energy to provide the body parts that need it. The flowers split and spread the seeds. In a broad sense, it can also include granting free access to goods that can be considered non competitive goods, such as information. More loosely, "sharing" actually means giving something as a direct gift: for example, "sharing" a person's food actually means giving some of it as a gift. [need to quote] sharing is an essential part of human interaction and is responsible for strengthening social connections and ensuring one's happiness