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Kim Kardashian

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West (born on October 21, 1980) is an American media figure, businesswoman, socialite and model. Kardashian initially attracted media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, but after the 2003 sex video with her ex boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007, it received widespread attention. Reality TV series alliance with Kardashian. Its success soon led to Kourtney and Kim take New York as well as Kourtney and khlo? Take Miami, for example.

In recent years, Kardashian has grown online and social media, including tens of millions of followers on Twitter and instagram. She has released a variety of products related to her name, including the 2014 mobile game "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood", various clothing and products, 2015 photo album selfish and her personal application of the same name. Her relationship with rapper Kanye West, who married in 2014 with three children, has also been widely reported.

Time listed Kardashian as their top 100 most influential people in 2015, while vogue described her as a "pop culture phenomenon" in 2016. Critics and admirers described her as famous for her fame. According to reports, she was the top earner of reality TV programs in 2015, with a total revenue of more than $53 million.

Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He is Robert and Chris? E Horton's daughter. She has a sister, Kourtney, and a sister, khlo? And a brother rob. Their mothers were Dutch, English, Irish and Scots, and their father was a third generation Armenian. After her parents divorced in 1991, her mother married Bruce Jenner (now Caitlin Jenner), the decathlon champion of the 1976 Summer Olympics, in 1976. Through marriage, Kardashian acquired the stepfather Burton "Burt", the brother of Brandon and Brody. Stepsisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

She attended marimont high school, a Roman Catholic girls' school in Los Angeles. In 1994, her father represented footballer O. J. Simpson in the murder. Simpson is Kardashian's godfather. Kardashian's father died of cancer in 2003. Kardashian, a close friend and designer of Paris Hilton in her 20s, has attracted media attention for the first time.

In 2000, 19-year-old Kardashian was confused with music producer Damon Thomas. Thomas filed for divorce in 2003. Kardashian later blamed their separation on physical and emotional abuse and said she was ecstatic at the ceremony. Before the divorce, Kardashian began dating singer ray J.

In May 2011, Kardashian became engaged to NBA player Kris Humphries, who had been dating the New Jersey Nets since October 2010. They got married on August 20 at a wedding in Montecito, California. At the beginning of this month, she released a wedding perfume called "Kim Kardashian Love" which coincided with her wedding. The two-part TV special shows the preparations and the wedding itself, and in E! Broadcast! In early October 2011, in what the Washington Post called a "media blitz" about weddings. 72 days after her marriage, she applied to Humphries for divorce on October 31 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Several news media speculated that Kardashian's marriage to Humphries was just a publicity campaign to promote the Kardashian family's brand and its subsequent television career. A man who claims to be a former public relations man, Jonathan Jaxson, also claims that her short-lived marriage is a real show and a way to make money. Kardashian sued Jaxson, saying his claims were untrue, and then settled the case, including an apology from Jaxson. After the split, a widely circulated petition called for the removal from the air of all programmes related to Kardashian. Divorce has aroused widespread concern in the media.

Kardashian started dating rapper and longtime friend Kanye West in April 2012, but is still legally married to Humphries. Her divorce was completed on June 3, 2013, Kardashian and West were engaged on October 21 (Kardashian's 33rd birthday) and married in Fort Belvedere, Florence, Italy, on May 24, 2014. Her wedding dress was designed by Riccardo tisci of Givenchy, while some guests' dresses were designed by Michael Costello. The couple's high status and careers have made their relationship widely reported in the media; the New York Times calls their marriage a "historic celebrity blizzard.".

Kardashian was robbed at the muzzle of her apartment during Paris fashion week on October 2, 2016. Five people dressed as police officers tied her up and tied her up, then stole 10 million dollars worth of jewelry. The thief entered her house by threatening the porter. Once they entered Kardashian's room, they tied her head and legs with guns and taped her mouth to prevent nausea. Kardashian, who was in the bathtub, was unharmed and reportedly begged for life. She managed to get her hands off the plastic straps around her wrists and screamed for help. The thief escaped. On October 6, 2016, it was revealed that the shooting of the next season of "keeping up with the kardashians" was "indefinitely put on hold" after the robbery. Production resumed on October 26.

Kim Kardashian is a Christian and calls himself "the true religion.". She was educated in Presbyterian and Roman Catholic traditional Christian schools.

In April 2015, Kardashian and West went to the Armenian District of Jerusalem's old city to be baptized in the Armenian Apostolic Church in the north. The ceremony was held in St James's Cathedral. Khloe Kardashian was appointed the godmother of the north.