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Welcome is a greeting designed to introduce a person to a new place or situation and make them feel at ease. The term can be used similarly to describe how new people feel about acceptance.

In some cases, the welcome extended to strangers to a certain area or family. "The concept of welcoming strangers means consciously incorporating elements that make others feel like they belong to them, that they are important, and that you want to understand them." However, it should also be noted that "in many community environments, welcome is seen as conflicting with ensuring safety. Therefore, welcome is self limited to some extent: 'unless you do something unsafe, we will welcome it.'. Different cultures have their own traditional forms of welcome, and there are many different ways to try to welcome:

Welcome is not a physical fabrication, although it can be embodied and promoted through appropriate physical arrangements. There may be a welcome aesthetic. What happens when a person is popular? Nothing, but more than anything. When a person is welcomed, a condition is created for him to return home. One makes it no longer possible for the other to feel outside or outside, but to feel at home.

Instructions to welcome visitors can occur at different levels. For example, a national, state, or municipal welcome sign is a sign that introduces or welcomes visitors to the area at the border of the area. Welcome signs may also appear in specific communities or individual buildings. One architect suggested: "the main difference between a gateway and a welcome sign is that the gateway is usually designed and built by outsiders, developers or architects, while the welcome sign is designed and built by members of the community.". Welcome mat is a kind of doormat. It is used to provide a place for visitors to clean their feet before entering the house. Visitors are welcome to enter the house or other buildings.

Another community tradition is the "Welcome Wagon," which initially refers to the actual wagon, which contains a collection of useful gifts collected from residents of the area to welcome new immigrants into the area.